Stacey Pronk

— Make-up artist and founder of Acey Grace

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My name is Stacey, Acey for my friends and family, and I am a certified make-up artist who has been working for over 16 years doing what I love.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been obsessed with cosmetics and skincare products. When I was 8 years old, I would make my own perfume by blending everything I thought would smell great. I would try out my mother’s make-up and mix different products to create my ‘masterpieces’. All my family members would patiently sit and undergo my beautifying experiments, always encouraging me and telling me I had done a great job. Although I am certain I did not do great back then, I do know that these moments defined and shaped my passion even more. I love making people feel beautiful and confident, make them feel special and the best version of themselves.

After high school, I studied to be a beautician, where I learned a lot about the human body and different skin types. During my studies I worked for several big cosmetic companies, where I broadened my knowledge on skin care and beauty products. My love for make-up grew and I studied to be a make-up artist, which resulted in me doing make-up for fashion shows, photo shoots and weddings.

My biggest fan and supporter was my sister Lindsay. With her being a model and Miss Universe Netherlands 2004, I gained even more experience, for she would take me everywhere she went.

Over the years I noticed there was a lot of demand for cruelty free and natural products. Clients also loved luxurious and good quality products, but did not want to spend too much money on only 1 item. The need for affordable products that inhibited all these qualities grew.

Even though there are numerous beautiful brands, with great products, I would still often blend and mix different products to create the perfect finish on my clients. And then it hit me: “If they don’t make what I need, then I will!”

This was a few years ago and since we launched our first AceyGrace item, we have spent a lot of work on research, searching for the right ingredients, experimenting with look and feel and so much more. 

Always being by my side, to advise me and assuring me I was on the right path in creating these products, was my sister Lindsay. I chose the name Acey Grace, for it is a combination between my name and her second name. Also my mom who sometimes calls me by my sisters second name instead of my own name and called me Acey Grace.

I hope you will be as passionate about my make-up as I am.

With love,


Stacey Pronk